Open Letter from President Fritz von Beren to Past & Present Members

March 2014                                                                                                                                     Dear Bradford Fish & Game Members, past and present.

Over the past six or seven years the club has expanded the number of programs it provides for the community and its members.  We now run two hunter safety classes a year, the Spring Trout Derby, the Kids Ice Fishing Derby, Youth Day (archery and firearm safety class followed by all day range time and instruction), The Deer Pool, a deep sea fishing trip , and an annual pot luck and wild game dinner.  Other things that have been done on a less frequent basis are fly fishing and bass fishing trips, members and quests shooting days,  member and quests Lake Todd fishing tournaments, family BBQ’s and more.  In order to run these events we have various fund raisers which include The Turkey Raffle, The Gun Raffle , The Ice Tackle Raffle, The Spring Tackle Raffle,  The 50/50 Raffle, and sign up and fund collection for the Deer Pool.

The biggest for news for 2013 /  2014 is the purchase of 4.4 acres of property that abuts the lot that the clubhouse sits on . We also may have the opportunity to purchase 6.6 additional acres that abut the 4.4 acres and our original property.  With the land purchase and possible additional purchase our options to expand in the direction everyone has talked about for ten years is looking good. If nothing else I can envision a more open area around the clubhouse for family and club functions plus a 3D archery course a little further back in a safe location.

Not only have the number of programs that we run increased, but there have been ongoing renovations and upgrades on the clubhouse itself.  We have re shingled the building, enclosed the underside of the front room and installed blue board insulation, installed blue board insulation on part of the crawl space foundation, replaced the old range with a  new Viking Range, installed satellite TV and new TV, and had new felt put on the pool table.

As you can see we have been and will be busy. There is not only a lot do with our new property and possible additional purchase but with on going renovations and upgrades to the clubhouse. This is not to mention the amount of effort it will take to continue to run our existing programs, fundraisers, and the every day operation of the BF&G.

With all this said I am asking you to fill out the enclosed 2014 membership form and return it with the correct amount for a single or family membership. Sign up, come to some meetings, get involved, help make this a club anyone in Bradford or the surrounding towns would be proud to be a member !

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                               Fritz von Beren,  Bradford Fish & Game Club President

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